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Fairness - (02/08/06) Where is it said that life is fair? Fairness is overrated. Stop whining like a kid and live with it, 'cause whining isn't gonna fix it. Would you rather that your particular disaster be fair? What kind of person would that be you? Much better that something bad be unfair, eh?

Farm Subsidies


Fat People


FEMA - (02/11/06) Don't blame Bush when plain ordinary bureaucratic stupidity (which transcends the administration) explains it well enough.

Feminism (see also Betty Friedan)

Firefly - (02/08/06) A tragically abused and ignored program, cut short, which came back as a fine movie Serenity (also tragically ignored). Go thou and see Amazon.com for the television show and the movie. Your life will be substantially improved. Please try *not* to drool when you see Kaylee.



Flood Insurance


Foreign Oil

Forest Whitaker


Fred Dalton Thompson

"After two years in Washington, I often long for the realism and sincerity of Hollywood." From a speech given by Thompson before the Commonwealth Club of California.

Freedom from Offense

Free Markets

Free Speech


Friday the 13th



Fur - (02/07/06) Wear it if you want to. Why would you want to? Synthetics provide the same if not better warmth, usually for less money. I have no problem if you want to wear fur, I just don't think it's a good idea.



Gas Prices

Gay Pride

Gays (see Homosexuals)

Genetically Engineer Foods

Genetic Engineering

George W. Bush

Gil Grissom        Read about the official website for the character.

Global Warming - (02/08/06) There is simply not enough data to determine whether or not global warming actually exists, or that it's a problem. We simply do not know enough about the weather to draw any conclusions. Regular, standardized measurements have only been taken for around 150 years. We do not have enough data to draw any meaningful conclusion about long-term weather conditions. Europe went through a "little ice age" in the 1500s- was that caused by people? If so, how? The Sun has 11, 22, 44 and 88 year cycles (that I know of), which means we have only gone through two of the longest cycles since their discovery, which is nothing when it comes to having enough data to make sense. There certainly isn't enough data to lay blame on people. The existing long-term data shows that nature goes through hot and cold cycles, sometimes significant ones, and did so long before people could possibly have made an impact.

A few data points do not make a trend. Frankly, we need a few hundred years more data before claims about global warming can be scientifically justified. Is the world getting warmer? If so, is it outside of the historical range? If so, are humans (as opposed to, say, previously unknown solar cycles or geological phenomenon) responsible? Whether or not humans are responsible, is it a problem? A few decades data is not enough to make any legitimate conclusion, either way. I choose not to either leap to unwarranted conclusions or to hide my head from the facts. At the moment, the only fact that exists about global warming is that there is not enough information to make a realistic conclusion. When a statistically significant data sample exists, then we can make a decision. If you are a dedicated creationist, then there's been several thousand years of weather; if you prefer Darwin, then there have been a few thousand million years of weather. In either case, a few hundred years of mostly spotty measurements is not enough to prove anything. Scientifically, both the people who insist that global warming is caused by people, and those who claim there is no such thing as global warming, are wrong. For the folks that say I'm wrong, I say, show me the centuries of data you have to support your position, and provide the verifiable source. Enough reliable data simply does not exist. This does not mean that we shouldn't continue to act to minimize humanity's effect on the environment. It does mean that it is unreasonable to blame humanity for the matter, especially when it has not been proven that global warming, even if it is real, is even a problem. It would certainly be inconvenient for humanity, but that doesn't mean that the planet would be adversely affected.

God (see also Jehova) - From John Wayne's bio entry on the Internet Movie DataBase:

"I've always had deep faith that there is a Supreme Being, there has to be. To me that's just a normal thing to have that kind of faith. The fact that He's let me stick me around a little longer, or She's let me stick around a little longer, certainly goes great with me --- and I want to hang around as long as I'm healthy and not in anybody's way."


Good Morning America


Government Help - (02/11/06) Why do we depend so much on the government for things that we used to do without the government? Just because the government does something doesn't mean it's better- if that were the case, why do so many people complain about public education? Why do we expect the government to provide health care and retirement funds? Moreover, where does the government have the Constitutional authority to provide health care and retirement funds? Remember, no government has any greater authority than that provided by the documents which create it. Particularly in the United States, the Constitution is not a document that merely suggests what the government can do, it specifically lists the things that the government is allowed to do, and the government is prohibited from doing anything not listed. The allowed powers of the Federal government is surprisingly narrow; of course, that doesn't mean that the government won't go ahead and exceed it's authority. Where's the specific part of the Constitution that allows the government to take money from you and give it to someone else just because that someone else has decided to retire? The Preamble makes a reference to the "general welfare", not the welfare of any given individual. Those powers are reserved to the individual states, or to the people- it says so right in the Constitution itself. Just because Congress has the ability to pass a law to allow the government to do something doesn't mean that Congress has the authority to pass such a law.

Where did people get their health care and retirement funds before the government? Why, they bought insurance and got a pension or they saved their money or they hit up their friends, neighbors and local charities. Why aren't we doing that now? This isn't a rhetorical question. The government has usurped the authority of the states and the citizenry.

Government Regulation


Guantanamo Bay

Gun Control


"How a politician stands on the Second Amendment tells you how he or she views you as an individual... as a trustworthy and productive citizen, or as part of an unruly crowd that needs to be lorded over, controlled, supervised, and taken care of."
Texas State Rep. Suzanna Gratia-Hupp

(02/11/06) Why were police confiscating guns from occupied private homes in the aftermath of Katrina?


Hate Crimes

Head Start

Hilary Clinton - (02/10/06) If it takes a village to raise a child, why did you hide Chelsea from the village? If public school wasn't good enough for your child, as Billy said, what did you do to fix it? Some role model.

Holly Fulger - (02/12/06) I liked her in the season of "Ellen" that sucked the least- when it was called These Friends of Mine. She should be working a lot more.

Holy Bible



Homosexuality (see also Gay Pride, Homosexual Marriage, Homosexuals)

Homosexual Marriage (see also Gay Pride, Homosexuality, Homosexuals)

Homosexuals (see also Gay Pride, Homosexuality, Homosexual Marriage)

Howard Stern - (02/08/06) What little I've heard of his act (note that I said what I heard, not what I heard about) I found to be vulgar and uncreative. I have no interest in his show, so I change the channel. If you don't like his act, feel free to change the channel as well. If you are so pathetic and tasteless as to want to listen to his act, then feel free to listen to him exercise his First Amendment rights. The only people who should be censoring him is him employer (since they own the equipment), himself (taste, however, is not a requirement to exercise freedom of speech, nor should it be), or the listener (and your right to censor is limited to changing the station). The government has no business censoring him. Howard Stern is not entitled to sponsors, but if someone wants to sponsor his crap, then let them. This is the United States of America, and we Americans have the Constitutional right to show our lack of imaginations. Moreover, now people are paying to have their intelligence insulted (although he did have the good taste to hire George Takei, and that makes up for a lot of bad taste), and the absolute best way to censor him is to *vote with your entertainment dollars*. The only right way to censor Howard Stern is to not spend money on him, or with those who sponsor him (as long as you also contact the sponsor and explain why- otherwise, how will the sponsor know you have a problem?), so that his show no longer makes a profit. Whining to the government is wrong, because the government should not censor Howard Stern. He will stay on the air as long as he's profitable, which is exactly how it should be in America. The fact that he makes a living spewing crap is the best proof possible that the American public wants to be crapped on. In a democratic society with freedom of speech, vote with your dollars. If enough people agree, the free market will solve the problem. Until that happens, leave the man alone.

Hubble Space Telescope




Illegal Aliens (see Illegal Immigrants)

Illegal Immigrants (see also Undocumented Workers)



Intelligent Design

International Space Station





Isaac Asimov

Islam - (02/10/06) The problem isn't bias against Muslims- it's the Muslim problem with free speech. The media has been crapping on Christianity for years. When a prominent Muslim dares to suggest something that might actually help bring peace to the area, he either loses power or is killed.

(02/09/06) Do they ever get tired of whining? They clearly think very little of Muhammed if they think he cannot handle a few cartoons. What shame they heap upon the prophet! The protests themselves are not insulting to Muhammed, but the violence is- the rioters are killing, mostly each other, because they think that Muhammed is weak, and they are too weak-minded to realize how they are being used.

Still, some Muslims are behaving in a responsible manner. Protest is fine- boycotts are fine (although I personally think they tend to be pointless). Rioting is not. The riots are tools of those who are aiding Satan. The rioters are calling Muhammed a liar by not following his teachings.

Here's another viewpoint. And a serious question. 

(02/07/06) And the "peace and love" of Islam continues. Feel the love! What a shame that these rioters insist on showing how weak their faith is by letting it be threatened by a cartoon. A strong faith would have no fear of freedom of expression, and would take the cartoons as an opportunity to explain their faith. Whether Muslims like it or not, terrorists and rioters are the role models of Islam, precisely because the non-terrorists and non-rioters are keeping quiet. When I see Muslims publicly protesting against terrorists that have kidnapped and murdered Westerners with as much fervor as they are whining about a cartoon, then I will believe that terrorism and violence is not part of mainstream Islam. Less talk and more action - it's time for the believers of Islam to start behaving like adults, for a change.

At least some Muslims have shown a glimmer of intelligence. From Yahoo! News:

Saudi Arabia's Okaz newspaper rejected violence:

"Violence, spreading chaos and destroying facilities ... only distorts Islam's image, especially after our enemies have tried to label us with so many accusations," it said.

Some Danish Muslims agreed. "Fire and stones are taking things too far," said Copenhagen barber Farzan Khatami.

(02/05/06) http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060206/ap_on_re_mi_ea/prophet_drawings , http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1156609,00.html So much for the "peace-loving" religion of Islam. Muslims are rioting and killing people over a cartoon. Lovers of peace do not kill people over cartoons, they peacefully protest and they pray for the souls of the artists. Acts like this help justify actions like the United States took in Afghanistan and Iraq, because we can see by the actions of the believers of Islam what their beliefs are truly like. 

I've read parts of the Koran. I have a rather nice edition in my office. No matter what the rioters say they believe, their actions show they do not believe in Islam. Their behavior in the name of Muhammed does far more to blaspheme him than any cartoon could. Shame on the infidel rioters - they are spitting on Muhammed. It's time for the Muslim world to start appeasing the rest of the world and showing through action that Islam is a religion of peace. Words are not enough. If the faith of Muslims is strong, then why do they fear books and cartoons? Is your God so weak that he cannot survive a bad cartoon?



Jack Abramoff - (02/10/06) Sleep with dogs, don't whine about the fleas. It's not a Republican problem, they all do something that compromises their ethics.

J. Allen Hynek

Jane Krakowski - (02/07/06) Yowza! She makes me want to write a musical just to see her dance. And I don't even care about dancing.

Jehova - (02/11/06) The true name of the God of Abraham, rendered in English. How can anyone expect to have a close, personal relationship with God if they don't say his name? It tends to be rendered as LORD in the King James Version and most other translations I'm familiar with. The word "God" is the divine equivalent of "Person" - why say "Hey you!" when you want to talk to Jehova? Just use his name!

Jehovah's Witnesses

Jenna Elfman - (02/09/06) Cute, spunky and smart (in spite of being a Scientologist). Always a pleasure to watch, she's a consummate profession who delivers. I should be so lucky as to have her appear in an adaptation of something I wrote.

Jennicam - (02/10/06) Seems like a nice girl, I checked in occasionally, although I admit I was too cheap to pay my share of her bandwidth. As for the whiners, they're a bunch of poopyheads. Thanks for being there, Jenni, and I hope the hedgehog doesn't nibble your toes.

Jerry Doyle - (02/11/06) Jerry Doyle wasn't acting much when he played Garibaldi. I've met him; he respects the fans and showed gratitude at having a job, but he cuts through bullshit with a laser. I wish he'd run for an office in my district- I might actually join a political party so I can vote for him. Cut the crap with him

Jessica Simpson


Jimmy "The Grunt" Berluti - (02/11/06) If I were to become an attorney, this is the kind I would be. I'd much rather see what goes on with Jimmy's firm than "Boston Legal".

Jodie Foster

John Stossel

John Wayne - (02/06/06) One of the finest Americans who ever lived. From the Internet Movie DataBase:
"He and his drinking buddy, actor Ward Bond, frequently played practical jokes on each other. In one incident, Bond bet Wayne that they could stand on opposite sides of a newspaper and Wayne wouldn't be able to hit him. Bond set a sheet of newspaper down in a doorway, Wayne stood on one end, and Bond slammed the door in his face, shouting "Try and hit me now!" Wayne responded by sending his fist through the door, flooring Bond (and winning the bet)."

"His spoken word RCA Victor album "America: Why I Love Her" became a surprise best-seller, and Grammy nominee, when it was issued in 1973. Re-issued again, in the wake of September 11, 2001, it became a best-seller all over again."

Jorja Fox

Joss Stone - (02/09/06) Holy crap! How can such a little girl have such a magnificent voice?

Joss Whedon


Judge Judy




Katrina and its victims

Key West

Read the Meteor.



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